Universal Consensus

Challenge: Train a U.S. sales force how to sell in another culture.

Solution: Universal Consensus developed a proprietary model of Intercultural Analysis that looks at a foreign culture through six different lenses. These lenses provide the framework for understanding the historical and cultural roots of a country that affect its current business practices. This two and a half day course leads sales associates through the intricacies of how to make the first contact, how to draft a proposal, when and what to give as gifts, what "yes" means, what "no" means, what to expect when negotiating, how to negotiate, how to ask for referrals, etc. Sales associates are prepared to enter a new market upon completion of this course. Project included a Facilitator guide, Powerpoint deck, and a Participant Guide.

Sample Facilitator Guide

Partial Client List

Help-U-Sell Real Estate

Century 21 Real Estate

IDEC Pharmaceuticals

Western Digital

McKesson Water Products



Prudential Realty


Success Strategy Institute

Corinthian Colleges

Collateral Risk Solutions

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

World Realty Group

Slender Lady

La Costa Music

Central Savings and Loans

Barbeques Galores

Universal Consensus