Product Sales


Challenge: Help hardware store associates sell a product more effectively.

Solution: Developed easily accessible online training that sales associates could take on their own time. The training provided both 1) product knowledge and 2) sales techniques. The sales training distinguished itself by identifying the types of consumers who would buy the product and helped the sales associate translate product features into benefits for that particular customer. The training also gave associates practice closing for the sale. Because the training was voluntary, the program was accompanied by incentives and prizes to encourage associate participation.

Sample Online Sales Training

Partial Client List

Help-U-Sell Real Estate

Century 21 Real Estate

Universal Consensus

Western Digital

McKesson Water Products



Prudential Realty


Success Strategy Institute

Corinthian Colleges

Collateral Risk Solutions

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

World Realty Group

Slender Lady

La Costa Music

Central Savings and Loans

Barbeques Galores

Universal Consensus