Help-U-Sell University (classroom-based)

Challenge: Train and onboard new franchisees.

Solution: Documented the Help-U-Sell Operating System and designed a 5-day training program to teach it. Project included an Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, Powerpoint slides, and job aids. Participants left with a business plan, ready to start operating their franchise. Helped the company grow from 250 to 800 franchises in five years.

Sample Participant Guide
Sample Instructor Guide

Help-U-Sell University (web-based)

Challenge: Onboard and train new franchisees distributed geographically across the country.

Solution:Created a web-based training program combined with coaching to onboard new franchisees. Franchisees are directed to complete selected activities (e.g. complete a market analysis, learn the elevator speech) as they go through the web-based training. At selected milestones, the coach contacts the franchisee for a coaching session to hold them accountable, reinforce the training, answer questions, and localize the information to the franchisee’s marketplace. The training/coaching system successfully brings franchisees up-to-speed quickly and at their own pace while eliminating the expense of holding centrally located training. Materials included Articulate elearning lessons and a Coaching Guide.

Sample elearning lesson #1
Sample elearning lesson #2
Sample elearning lesson #3

Listing Consultation System

Challenge: Train a distributed workforce to make consistant sales presentations.

Solution: Developed an elearning program to teach franchisees and agents how to do a listing consultation with home sellers. The elearning program modeled successerformance and engaged learners in an exercise where they customized the presentation based on the home seller's needs.

Listing Consultation Training Program (View in Internet Explorer)

Coaching Guides

Challenge: Develop new franchisees effectively and consistently.

Solution: Developed coaching guides for 25 regional directors responsible for the growth and profitability of the franchisees under their direction. Coaching guides captured best practices and standardized the coaching process for new franchisees, leading to faster production and productivity.

Sample Coaching Guide 1
Sample Coaching Guide 2

Partial Client List

Help-U-Sell Real Estate

Century 21 Real Estate

Universal Consensus

Western Digital

McKesson Water Products



Prudential Realty


Success Strategy Institute

Corinthian Colleges

Collateral Risk Solutions

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

World Realty Group

Slender Lady

La Costa Music

Central Savings and Loans

Barbeques Galores

Universal Consensus